[Pkg-exim4-users] exim4 documentation in debian documentation project (resend)

Osamu Aoki osamu at debian.org
Sat Jul 18 15:40:44 UTC 2009

Hi folks maintaining exim, (resend) 
(Thanks to Marc Haber pointing me to here.)

Debian Reference published at 
has few references to exim4.

It has been updated for lenny and recently for squeeze.

Marc's FAQ on wiki page states: If your host name is not configured in
the world wide DNS, you need to set the "System mail name" to an
existing domain name, or your messages will be rejected by most systes
on the Internet due to sender verification.

This caused me to worry.

Since I am nowhere near good e-mail system admin, I would like your
reviview om following sections:

  6.3.1. The configuration of exim4
  6.3.3. The mail address configuration


My concern is my choice of the content in "/etc/mailname" of which I am
using not an existing FQDN ("goofy.local" at this moment as you see in
this mail.)

I know "System mail name must be FQDN" is true if you wish to send a
mail via direct SMTP delivery to the target MX.  But is this true if you
use smarthost if smarthost accept you?  It seems to work well using
bogus domain.

I know I can make bogus host name within my connection ISP's domain as
work around and I used to do it.  But I do not like to use ISP since I
move around several ISP's. I just want to know what is the most
reasonable recommendation for these typical workstation without normal

Thanks in advance.


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