[Pkg-exim4-users] Different nameservers for different routers/exim-instances?

Sebastian Posner sposner at gmx.de
Wed Jun 3 07:10:50 UTC 2009

"Andreas J. Guelzow" <aguelzow at math.concordia.ab.ca>:

[Get exim to use zoneinformation from two different nameservers]

> I think the question is why do you need two DNS servers in play here.
> DNS servers can be set up to be dual (or multi-) horizon so they will
> give different answers to different clients. So you could have A DNS
> that knows everything but sends the obscure info only to internal hosts.

That's a decision on OSI-Layer 8. NS A is maintained by Unit A, NS B by unit B.

Installing a nameserver with different views would put *me* in the responsibility to maintain lists of clients that need view a, b or c - this is not feasible.

I could set up my own private little nameserver on my mail-box perfectly fit for my needs, but the box does also offer other services which need "pure" DNS resolving, so this isn't really an option.

Besides.. I don't want to have infrastructure services running on every second machine, this wouldn't be maintainable, especially given that the tech-staff currently operating these boxes is already "technically challenged" with the current complexity. 

I would even be happy with the possibility to give the whole exim-instance another nameserver to use; then I could at least split-horizon the MTA on this machine and set up static mail routing for the domains in regard to go to the other "virtual exim" which uses the "sick" nameserver..

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