[Pkg-exim4-users] www-data

Francois Sauterey fs at snes.edu
Sat Jun 20 09:52:37 UTC 2009

Le 20.06.2009 10:51, Andreas Metzler a écrit :
> Francois Sauterey <fs at snes.edu> wrote:
>> I don't want that some php scripts send mail with www-data at domain.tld
>> sender.
>> I wrote this ACL, but it don't work (nothing append, mails was send):
>> It's the firts one in the acl_check_mail:
>> deny
>>        message = www-data can not send mail
>>        senders = www-data at domain.tld
>> What's wrong ?
> [...]
> The mail acl is only executed for e-mail submitted by SMTP. The php
> scripts are probably using usr/sbin/sendmail instead.
> cu andreas

So, if I understand correctly, I  need to write an ac in the
acl_not_smtp section.
But there is not many samples on use it :-(
senders seems to not be testable, now all mails are refused !

thanks for any help

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