[Pkg-exim4-users] www-data

Andreas Metzler ametzler at downhill.at.eu.org
Sat Jun 20 11:04:48 UTC 2009

Francois Sauterey <fs at snes.edu> wrote:
> Le 20.06.2009 10:51, Andreas Metzler a écrit :
>> Francois Sauterey <fs at snes.edu> wrote:
>>> I don't want that some php scripts send mail with www-data at domain.tld
>>> sender.
>>> I wrote this ACL, but it don't work (nothing append, mails was send):
>>> It's the firts one in the acl_check_mail:

>>> deny
>>>        message = www-data can not send mail
>>>        senders = www-data at domain.tld

>>> What's wrong ?
>> [...]

>> The mail acl is only executed for e-mail submitted by SMTP. The php
>> scripts are probably using usr/sbin/sendmail instead.
>> cu andreas

> So, if I understand correctly, I  need to write an ac in the
> acl_not_smtp section.
> But there is not many samples on use it :-(
> senders seems to not be testable, now all mails are refused !

senders is testable in non-smtp acls.


Perhaps you are missing the final "accept" at the end of the acl?

"For any defined ACL, the default action when control reaches the end
of the ACL statements is “deny”."

cu andreas
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