[Pkg-exim4-users] how to recover exim4 after upgrade from etch to lenny

Jutta Zalud ju at netzwerklabor.at
Sun Mar 8 18:30:24 UTC 2009

When I upgraded from Etch to Lenny today I did, what is safest most of 
the times: keep all modified config-files ("N"). Only afterwords I 
realised that this was not such a good idea with Exim4.

After some searching I tried to modify the template manually, as I 
*think* is suggested in /usr/share/doc/exim4-config/NEWS.Debian.gz: 
removed "DEBCONF" and ran another update-exim4.conf, which did not 
complain about DEBCONF any more but about other problems:

2009-03-08 13:46:13 Exim configuration error in line 28 of 
   main option "minimaldns" unknown

I got rid of some of the error messages commenting out lines or guessing 
what could be a reasonable option but gave up after some hours, 
realising that I won't be able to find all parameters in an over 1900 
lines long template by trial & error.

Then I thought, I could just uninstall + purge exim4 to get rid of the 
offending config-files, *but* dpkg would also have removed smokeping 
because of an unmet dependency. So I installed postfix, which saved 
smokeping and removed exim4 automatically, but without --purge.

So I guess, the only possibility to install exim4 again, is to remove 
the config files manually, but I am not sure which ones I have to 
remove, as there are so many (see below).

Do I have to remove just /etc/exim4 and /etc/exim4-debian or also the 
files in /etc/default/ /etc/cron.daily/ etc?

Or is there any other way to make exim4 function again?

And even more important: I have a second computer running etch and exim4 
and would really prefer, not to brake that one also :) How can I upgrade 
without losing my configs? Will the new configuration files that are 
offered during upgrade use what is written in update-exim4.conf.conf, 
and keep files like email-addresses and passwd.client or do I have to 
configure everything from scratch?

Sorry about the length of my mail and thank you in advance for hints how 
to proceed :)

If there' another place to ask these questions, please tell me (German 
or French mailing-lists would be fine, too).


srv01:/# find / -iname exim4*

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