[Pkg-exim4-users] EXIM with GMail without GMail smarterhost

Chris 'Xenon' Hanson xenon at alphapixel.com
Thu Oct 1 15:33:57 UTC 2009

  I'm using EXIM on my Ubuntu 8.04.3 LTS webserver (pinecam.com).

  We use GMail as our incoming-mail MX and client. But, our webserver forum (phpBB) needs
to send out notices for forum activity. I used a process similar to this:

  to setup exim to send outgoing mail via GMail's smarterhost, and this works pretty good.
However, two issues have come up. GMail rewrites the sender, which is not always good.
Also, GMail's outgoing daily quotas are biting us.

  I'd like to have EXIM send my outgoing messages directly without using GMail, since this
machine is perfectly qualified to be a SMTP sending host. But, when I did that, it would
also attempt to send notification messages for user at pinecam.com to mailboxes local to the
webserver instead of passing them on to GMail (who is the designated MX).

  So, I need a way to have EXIM handle SMTP delivery of all non-pinecam.com addresses
itself, and forward all pinecam.com messages to GMail via smarterhost SMTP. AND, I need
messages generated by the forum to show blah at pinecam.com sender.

  Here is my update-exim4 config file:


  I'm not an EXIM expert at all, I've run qmail in the past just because I'm familiar with
it, but I would prefer to use the Ubuntu-supported EXIM in this case.

  Thanks in advance for any advice.

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