[Pkg-exim4-users] string expansion problem

Ross Boylan RossBoylan at stanfordalumni.org
Sun Mar 21 05:31:29 UTC 2010

I'm having trouble getting a regular expression from
update-exim4.conf.conf to the real configuration.  I'd appreciate some
dc_relay_domains='! \\N^(vm-)?squeeze(00)?.kvm.lan\$\\N ; *.kvm.lan ; *.biostat.ucsf.edu'
(on one line in original).  I've tried other variations.

When I do reload I get 
Reloading exim4 configuration files:/usr/sbin/update-exim4.conf: non-ascii value <; !
 ; *.kvm.lan ; *.biostat.ucsf.edu read from /etc/exim4/update-exim4.conf.conf, sanitizing to <; !
 ; *.kvm.lan ; *.biostat.ucsf.edu

config.autogenerated shows
MAIN_RELAY_TO_DOMAINS=<; ! ^(vm-)?squeeze(00)?.kvm.lan$ ; *.kvm.lan ; *.biostat.ucsf.edu

and, when a message comes in, the log shows
2010-03-20 18:23:37 1Nt9tB-0002io-2Z <= ross at squeeze00.kvm.lan U=ross P=local S=530 id=20100321012337.GA10454 at squeeze00.kvm.lan
2010-03-20 18:23:37 1Nt9tB-0002io-2Z failed to expand "! ^(vm-)?squeeze(00)?.kvm.lan$ : *.kvm.lan : *.biostat.ucsf.edu" while checking a list: $ not followed by letter, digit, or {
2010-03-20 18:23:37 1Nt9tB-0002io-2Z == ross at vm-lenny00.kvm.lan R=dnslookup_relay_to_domains defer (-1): domains check lookup or other defer
(I think that's based on an earlier try with
dc_relay_domains='! \N^(vm-)?squeeze(00)?.kvm.lan$\N : *.kvm.lan : *.biostat.ucsf.edu'

1. Some level of quoting removal is going on, since the string in
dc_relay_domains is not the same as in the config.autogenerated.
2. I don't think macro expansion alters the string, but I'm not sure.
3. I believe that 
domainlist relay_to_domains = ! \N^(vm-)?squeeze(00)?.kvm.lan$\N : *.kvm.lan : *.biostat.ucsf.edu
will work to treat all kvm.lan domains except for self (vm-squeeze00.kvm.lan) as relay to domains.
4. The main reason I'm bothering is that other machines in
relay_to_domains have private IP addresses, which the regular DNS router

Ross Boylan

P.S.  I would appreciate being cc'd since I'm having trouble getting
list mail right now.

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