[Pkg-exim4-users] Failed to get user name for uid 1000 in paniclog

Brian Mauter brianmauter at gmail.com
Wed May 26 21:55:19 UTC 2010


Google searches aren't helping much here.  I originally created a couple users without specifying the UID.  I have the same usernames on another machine (a mac).  On the mac, they're 500 and 501, but Debian created them with 1000 and 1001.  When I rsync files, I had a problem because user 1000 couldn't read user 500's files even though they were the same user (to me).  So I ran usermod on both accounts to switch the UIDs and everything looked great.  Permissions were happy and life was grand.

However, now I'm getting errors in the exim4 paniclog like this:
Failed to get user name for uid 1000

I've checked filesystem permissions everywhere I can think of.  I've grepped through /etc/exim4 for my usernames and for 1000 and no luck.  I've restarted exim4 and I've also run dpkg-reconfigure exim4.config

I looked at some of the source code and it looks like exim4 runs as the user it's trying to deliver for or something.  What makes it run as user 1000?


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