[Pkg-exim4-users] GMail, smarterhost, etc

Antonis Kanouras antonis+gmane at metadosis.gr
Mon Sep 20 04:14:57 UTC 2010

Chris 'Xenon' Hanson wrote:
>> On the following prompts:
>>  - General type of mail configuration:
>> internet site; mail is sent and received directly using SMTP
>>  - System mail name:
>> (your server's hostname, NOT pinecam.com
>> Note: make sure it's resolvable by public DNS)
>   So, I assume by NOT putting Pinecam.com here, it will prevent attempts
>   at local delivery
> of pinecam.com addresses.


> The trouble is, the server really IS named
> pinecam.com, so it sounds like I'll need to add a CNAME entry for
> something else, so I can use the CNAME here, right? how different does the
> CNAME need to be, could it be mail.pinecam.com, or does it have to be
> fully out of the pinecam.com domain? I don't know how exim performs its
> local delivery matching here.

In that case, do put pinecam.com as the System mail name (so that 
unqualified addresses get "@pinecam.com" appended). After that, create the 
file /etc/exim4/hubbed_hosts with the following contents:

pinecam.com:	aspmx5.googlemail.com:aspmx3.googlemail.com:...

The exact format of this file is detailed in the exim4-config_files man 

Another way which I'm not sure would work is this: Set pinecam.com as the 
system mail name, add it to the relay domains list (but not to the "other 
hostnames" list), and set dc_mailname_in_oh='false' in
/etc/exim4/update-exim4.conf.conf . YMMV with this method though as I 
haven't tested it.

>> Lastly, keep in mind that emails from your server will be scored higher
>> as spam if they're originating from a @pinecam.com email address, as
>> Google has published SPF records with such instructions for your domain.
>    I don't think that's accurate, is it? Google doesn't control the
>    pinecam.com domain, so
> there's no way it can publish SPF records under it.
>   I control the SPF records, and I have added both Google's outbound MX'es
>   and our own
> internal server as permitted senders.

IIRC, I just did a 'host -t txt pinecam.com' at the time and assumed this 
was a fully managed domain (not really familiar with Google's offerings).


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