[Pkg-exim4-users] SMTP AUTH with GSSAPI problems (exim4-4.94.2-7 on bullseye)

Frank Richter frank.richter at hrz.tu-chemnitz.de
Mon Aug 22 15:31:55 BST 2022


I'm porting an MTA with exim from RHEL 7.X (exim-4.94.2) to Debian 11 
bullseye (I'm new to Debian and this list …). No big deal so far, I'm using 
exim4-daemon-heavy 4.94.2-7 with just a large /etc/exim4/exim4.conf

Now I've got a problem to get SMTP AUTH with GSSAPI running. I'm using 
cyrus_sasl authenticator (heimdal_gssapi seems to be not available):

begin authenticators
     driver = cyrus_sasl
     public_name = GSSAPI
     server_set_id = $auth1

I've a separate keytab file: /etc/krb5.keytab.exim (read rights for user 

I had on RHEL – in /etc/sysconfig/exim:

In Debian I added to /etc/default/exim4


Trying to send an e-mail with GSSAPI I get:

rejectlog: 2022-08-22 15:33:02 gssapi authenticator (GSSAPI):  Cyrus SASL 
username fetch problem: generic failure
mainlog: 2022-08-22 15:33:02 gssapi authenticator failed for 
troi.hrz.tu-chemnitz.de [2001:638:911:12c:134:109:142:70]: 535 Incorrect 
authentication data

Starting exim daemon with: KRB5_KTNAME="/etc/krb5.keytab.exim" exim -bd 
works as expected!
So the KRB5_KTNAME from /etc/default/exim4 doesn't get in exim's environment 
when started via systemd.
Can anybody help how to do it right?

Thanks in advance,

Frank Richter
Chemnitz University of Technolgy, Germany

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