[Pkg-exim4-users] Compiling Debian exim4 with dmarc support

Ian Kelling iank at fsf.org
Tue May 10 20:11:15 BST 2022

ian-exim4 at zsd.co.za writes:

> But this is not viable on a long term basis, we have many servers to
> support and there will be security and other updates to deal with going
> forward. So I am looking forward for this to getting resolved somewhere
> upstream.

Thank you Ian for working on this. I think the Debian exim maintain is
not especially active, someone else may need to take the initiative.

Chiming in to say that I would also really like to see DMARC compiled
into debian's exim, and Experimental_SPF too, but it should at least
compile without that pinning.

Related note: I got DMARC support compiled into exim in trisquel, but an
older version of exim, 4.90.1, trisquel 9. I've used that version to
scan dmarc scanned millions of messages without any problem.

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