[pymvpa] MVPA NFoldSplitter import problem

Yaroslav Halchenko debian at onerussian.com
Wed May 21 02:56:57 UTC 2008

OS X ;-) should be fun ;-)

ok -- it was my bad, I guess, that I've missed the point. Actually I
missed it because I never 'install' pymvpa -- since I develop in it, I
just run


which builds it in place and sets up few needed symlinks

thus I missed the bug you were reporting -- 'base' was missing from
list of modules to be installed. I pushed the fix (in master branch)

so please pull it (or fetch + merge), or apply patch attached

should work now -- sorry about inconvenience ;-)

On Tue, 20 May 2008, Joshua Jacobs wrote:

>    Hi,

>    Thanks for your quick response. However, I'm still having problems
>    involving mvpa.base issue.  On two different machines (OS X) I've used
>    " git clone" to get new updated versions of the repository, wiped out
>    the old installation and installed the new one via setup.py...but I am
>    finding problems related to references to mvpa.base.  For example,
>    below you will see the output when I run "from mvpa.clfs import smlr".

>    I'm surprised at these errors because it seems like these things are
>    working for everyone else besides me.   Based on my reading of the git
>    archives, it seems that mvpa.base disappeared recently---maybe some
>    people still have the old versions of mvpa.base.* in their
>    site-packages so these commands are still working for some?

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