[pymvpa] /Users/ GIT repository/clones restructuring/migration

Yaroslav Halchenko debian at onerussian.com
Wed Aug 11 16:53:06 UTC 2010

Dear PyMVPA Users,

As you might have seen from the preceding email to developers, we
are in the process of migrating from "single GIT repository for
everyone" to more distributed flow of development provided by Github.

If you are using PyMVPA directly from GIT repository (and did [1])
and want to continue following its development version, then you would
need to adjust the URL for the origin of your repository using following

  git config remote.origin.url git://github.com/PyMVPA/PyMVPA.git
  git fetch

and when you think you are ready to try current version, just do
  git pull
  make clean; make


[1] git clone git://git.debian.org/git/pkg-exppsy/pymvpa.git
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