[pymvpa] LibSVM Support Vectors

Emanuele Olivetti emanuele at relativita.com
Fri Aug 27 09:02:32 UTC 2010

On 08/26/2010 05:01 PM, Karch, Julian wrote: LibSVM Support Vectors
> can somebody tell me how i get the support vectors of a SVM instance?


in PyMVPA '0.5.0.dev' [0] you can get support vectors from a trained SVM
instance (assume we call it clf) with: clf.model.get_sv()
Note that clf.model has other useful methods involving support vectors.

Prior to '0.5.0.dev' I guess there is no easy way to get them.



[0]: this version is the master branch of the git repository
which you can get via 'git clone...' or just clicking "download
source" there.
A nice tutorial related to this version is here:
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