[pymvpa] extracting individual sample predictions from CV

Brian Murphy brian.murphy at unitn.it
Thu Jun 2 15:23:11 UTC 2011


I've got a feeling this has already been mentioned on the list before, 
but can't find the relevant posts...

My question is, in a cross-validated training/testing and is there a 
built-in way to access the whole list of individual predictions for each 
sample, in the original sample order (rather getting the predictions 
separately for each fold, and recombining them by hand)?

... such that float(sum(ds.targets==predictions))/len(ds.targets) would 
give you the accuracy rate ...

And is there a standard way of getting the measure of confidence of the 
classifier in each prediction (binary, in my current case). This must be 
classifier specific, but I guess that GNB should give a probability for 
each of it's classifications.

thanks for any tips!


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