[pymvpa] Problem with tutorial data

Andrej Schoeke schoeke at usc.edu
Fri Apr 6 00:26:12 UTC 2012

Ah, my bad. -.-
Maybe it would be better to put that in the prerequisite section or a
reminder right before the tutorial starts.
Also, I could just read more carefully. ;)

Just a sidenote: In the tutorial part of manual pdf
<http://www.pymvpa.org/PyMVPA-Manual.pdf> single quotes are represented
as back ticks. E.g. on page 20:

clf = kNN(k=1, dfx=one_minus_correlation, voting=’majority’)


Yaroslav Halchenko wrote:
> yes -- follow
> http://www.pymvpa.org/tutorial.html
> or precisely this:
> "to be able to run the code in this tutorial, you need to download the
> corresponding data from the PyMVPA website. Once downloaded, extract the
> tarball, open a terminal, go into the directory with the extracted
> tarball content and run: ./start_tutorial_session.sh."
> On Thu, 05 Apr 2012, Andrej Schoeke wrote:
>> ➜  data  pwd
>> /Library/Python/2.7/site-packages/mvpa2/data
>> ➜  data  ls
>> README                 bold.nii.gz            eep.bin
>> glm.mat                smpl_attr.txt          v73.mat
>> attributes.txt         bold_mc.par            example4d.nii.gz
>> mask.nii.gz            tueb_meg.dat.gz        xavr1010.dat
>> attributes_literal.txt bv
>> Any idea what went wrong? I changed in python to the install directory,
>> but it seems like it tries to access the data with relatives path which
>> doesn't work very well.
> yes -- change to tutorial data's directory, not to install dir with data
> used for testing

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