[pymvpa] multi-parameter mvpa?

Xiangzhen Kong bnucon at gmail.com
Sun Apr 8 07:24:41 UTC 2012

Thanks for you reply.
For the first way:
1. As I am concerned, the ds after hstack is like: fa fa ... md md ... ad ad ... rd rd ...
If I want to use 4 parameters: fa md ad rd and there is N subjects. Then in the ds, the first N volume may be from fa, the second N may be from md...
Is this right?
2. Then,
In the ds.sa['targets'], I have to repeat N score for 4 times just like ds?
3. Then,
As I understand, 'chunks' might be used for cross-validation. Should I specify the same value for the 4 volume from the same subject?
Thanks again.

Xiangzhen Kong
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