[pymvpa] PyMVPA for Python 3 -- second report

Tiziano Zito opossumnano at gmail.com
Sat Apr 21 08:29:26 UTC 2012

> cool -- you can consider me now a contributor to this little project
> ;-) I have sent a pull request against your branch with few
> changes, please review.

I merged your pull request, thank you :)

> Also it might be nice to markup those commits which deal with python3
> compatibility as PY3 (e.g. instead of BF), not sure if it is worth
> rewriting the history for this cause though :-)  but might be good to
> start at least now

that's a good idea. I fear my git foo stops at "git rebase -i", to
do what you want we would need a git filter-branch, right? 
I would prefer to rewrite history, if you give me a couple of hints
on how to do it properly. 


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