[pymvpa] using Balancer()

Edmund Chong edmund.w.chong at gmail.com
Thu Jul 26 18:16:50 UTC 2012

Hi Michael,

(sorry I had digest mode on so I can't reply to individual email, but it's
off now) You said:

Looks good. If you want to check it yourself, you can also call
.generate() of this chain node with you dataset and print .summary() of
the datasets it returns.

Is this the correct usage:
partitioner =*ChainNode([NFoldPartitioner(),Balancer(attr='targets',count=1,limit='partitions',apply_selection=True)],space='partitions'))
foo1 = partitioner.generate(dataset)
foo2 = foo1.next()

print foo2.summary()

...I tried that, but it gives me a summary table of the number of samples
per condition per chunk. How do I view the samples per condition per
partition (classification fold)?

Thank you so much!
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