[pymvpa] Eyetracking analyses in PyMVPA

Michael Hanke mih at debian.org
Wed Sep 19 11:16:10 UTC 2012


I'm CC'ing Florian, who contributed these examples originally -- maybe
he has some ideas...



On Mon, Sep 17, 2012 at 03:53:36PM -0700, Bruna Martins wrote:
> Hi There,
> I am a complete newbie to PyMVPA, and currently doing an eyetracking study.
> I'm currently navigating the eyetracking tutorial, but wanted to get your
> pearls as well- thanks for your patience in advance.  My study has a
> within-subjects design, where each trial is either condition A or B, and
> we're looking at gaze differences between the conditions. Stimuli are
> randomly presented either on the left or the right side of the screen, so
> the analysis is a little complex . I am hoping to do two different things:
> 1. Input difference scores between  (Xcoord- Xcenter)  and (Ycoord-
> Ycenter) for each trial- there will be a different number of trackable
> instances for each timepoint (depending on whether track was lost, blink
> frequency, etc) to predict condition A vs B
> 2. Input a scalar value indicating the percentage of time spent within the
> stimulus area of interest on the screen (ie, 0.70 = on the stimulus for 70%
> on stimulus), for each trial, and again predict whether the trial was of
> condition A or B, but this time have one value per trial
> I was wondering how you would recommend approaching the two analyses
> outlined above.
> Thanks so much for your help,
> Bruna Martins
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Michael Hanke

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