[pymvpa] open PhD position in imaging neuroscience: "Network-network architecture of social cognition"

Danilo Bzdok RWTH danilo.bzdok at rwth-aachen.de
Sun May 10 08:26:57 UTC 2015

"Network-network architecture of social cognition"

In an innovative approach, we will investigate the neurobiological
network architecture underlying the entire spectrum of
social-interaction skills, including emotion, perspective-taking, and
empathy. We target social processes in the brain because they most
clearly set human beings apart from other species. Given the
challenging nature of social cognition, we will capitalize on
data-driven methods that learn network patterns in large datasets with
a minimum of a-priori assumptions. Completion of this PhD program
allows you to become part of the badly needed, new generation of
computationally trained imaging neuroscientists.

What you would work on

- Work on questions that matter with multivariate statistical tools
applicable beyond imaging neuroscience
- We aim at the characterization of the neurobiology of social
cognition from the perspective of network architecture. This includes
both low-level (e.g. face processing) as well as high-level (e.g.
Theory of Mind) aspects. We will perform a variety of data-reduction
and classification algorithm techniques
- The multi-modal analyses will be performed on two large-scale
datasets (n=500 and n=81) that were conceived and acquired to cover
human cognition as a whole
- This position is an excellent opportunity to learn how to combine
cognitive theory of the human mental operation and modern data-mining
- This will allow for a comprehensive network model of social
interaction processes in healthy humans

What we expect

- High motivation for inter-disciplinary challenges
- An analytical, problem-solving mindset
- MSc or equivalent in computer science, physics, biomedical
engineering, psychology, medicine or biology (natural-science-related
background is preferred)
- Talent with computers, programming experience (especially in Python)
is preferred
- Fluent in written and oral English language

What we provide

We provide intramural funding for a three-year PhD position. The
position is available starting from September 2015. Applications will
be considered until the position is filled. Payment will correspond to
salary grade 13/2 of the German Collective Bargaining Agreement for
the Civil Services (50% TVL-13, http://bit.ly/1Rf8TjY).

Send CV, motivation letter, and contact details of two academic referees to

Dr. Danilo Bzdok
danilo.bzdok at rwth-aachen.de

Appointed assistant professor of social and affective neuroscience
Department of Psychiatry, Psychotherapy, and Psychosomatics
Aachen, Germany

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