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Hi Yaroslav,Thank you so much for your reply!''how many tries for each of those 2 conditions do you have?how many subjects do you have?''There are 30 trials for each condition and I have 48 subjects.
''what was design (block or even-related, ISI, randomized how)?''It was a variable-ISI ranging from 4-6 sec event-related design experiments. 
''is that bold.nii.gz already those beta maps or original data?''Yes, the bold.nii.gz is already the beta maps. How could I set the partitioner for 5 fold or leave one out cross-validation?
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On Sun, 14 Feb 2016, ibinliu at sina.com wrote:
>    My experiment contained 2 tasks (only 1 run). 
it is quite unfortunate that you have only a single run.  but let's
> I performed single trial
>    analysis to generate a beta map for every trial. I'd like to run
>    classification analysis on these beta maps.
how many tries for each of those 2 conditions do you have?
how many subjects do you have?
what was design (block or even-related, ISI, randomized how)?
>    The first column of attributes was taskA, taskA, ..., taskB, taskB... and
>    the second column were 0s (since I only got 1 run).
>    Is this right?
>    For each suject, I merged all the beta images into a single 4D file and
>    used attr = SampleAttributes('attributes.txt') and
>    ds=fmri_dataset(samples=a**bold.nii.gza**, targets=attr.targets,
>    chunks=attr.chunks, mask=a**mask.nii.gza**) to load data.
is that bold.nii.gz already those beta maps or original data?
>    How should I perform normalization? just zscore(ds)?
should do it
>    I want to run cross-validation (say 5 fold or leave-one-out), how could I
>    set the partitioner?
It is somewhat depends on above questions
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