[pymvpa] GroupClusterThreshold data / attributes

Ryan Stolier ryan.m.stolier at gmail.com
Thu Feb 9 21:40:34 UTC 2017

Hi all,

I recently implemented GroupClusterThreshold() based on help I found in
this thread:

I was able to execute everything properly and get back results. However, I
am curious if there is a way to access data used along the way in the
algorithm and figure out corrected significance levels of *any* size
cluster, rather than only the clusters in my real (non-permuted) data. Ie,
can I access the table of cluster sizes from the 100000 bootstraps of the
permutation maps used to determine the significance levels of clusters in
my real data? Say I wanted to find out the hypothetical significance level
of clusters sized: 40, 60, 80 given everything besides the 'mean_map' input
in the email exchange in the listserv above. Does that make sense? Also, I
suppose the data used at steps 6/7 here:

Thank you so much for any assistance!
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