[pymvpa] How to save hyperalignment mapper

Dmitrii Paniukov dmitrii.paniukov at gmail.com
Thu Nov 1 17:05:23 GMT 2018

Hello all,

Does anyone know how to save a hyperalignment mapper? So it can be used

I'm reusing the tutorial code:
slhyper = SearchlightHyperalignment(radius=3, featsel=0.4, sparse_radius=3)
slhypmaps = slhyper(ds_train)

How do I save the slhypmaps, so I can use it later as in:
ds_hyper = [h.forward(sd) for h, sd in zip(slhypmaps, ds_test)]
ds_orig = [h.reverse(sd) for h, sd in zip(slhypmaps, ds_hyper)]

By the way, am I using the reverse transform correctly?

Thanks for any suggestions!
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