[pymvpa] Open Positions at Mila & McGill in Neuroscience & Machine Learning

Danilo Bzdok danilobzdok at gmail.com
Thu Nov 14 00:11:08 GMT 2019

*New positions at MSc/PhD/Post-Doc level & technical support staff*

*Systems neuroscience, human population datasets, and advanced machine

There is now increasing momentum in data sharing, open access, and data
collection consortia that build richly annotated "big data" repositories
for brain, behavior, and genes. This unprecedented data richness creates a
rapidly growing potential to provide principled answers to human brain
organization and its disturbances in brain disease. My lab will take the
opportunity to explore, formalize, and predict brain phenotypes of hidden
population variation captured across heterogeneous data sources to tackle
open questions in systems neuroscience in a way that also paves new ways
for precision medicine in brain health. My new research group is dedicated
to such interdisciplinary challenges in a domain-agnostic approach
(especially high- but also low-level cognitive processes) leveraging
several recently emerged population datasets (such as UK Biobank, HCP,
CamCAN, ABCD) across levels of observation (brain structure and function,
consequences from brain lesion, or common-variant genetics) using a broad
toolkit of bioinformatic methods, with a premium on cutting-edge
machine-learning algorithms. New lab members will have full access to the
Mila Artificial Intelligence Institute (see links below).

*What you would work on*: Revisit classical questions in systems
neuroscience by capitalizing on the largest existing datasets of healthy
and clinical human imaging populations using recently emerged machine
learning solutions. Improve your data analysis instincts and actionable
knowledge of the Python data science stack - a highly transferable skill
set increasingly sought-after in both academia and industry.

*What we expect*:

·       Outstanding motivation for work on inter-disciplinary challenges

·       An analytical, problem-solving mindset

·       Academic background in computer science, physics, biomedical
engineering, psychology, medicine or similar

·       Experience with programming is essential, especially in Python

·       Fluent in written and oral English language

*What we provide*: Become part of the vibrant, stimulating ecosystem of
research institutions that enjoy an international reputation for research
excellence in the areas of neuroscience and machine/deep learning, with
active collaborations to world-leading scientists and laboratories.



*https://mila.quebec/en/study/* <https://mila.quebec/en/study/>




*Lab signature publications*

1.     Bzdok D, Ioannidis JPA. *Exploration, inference and prediction in
neuroscience and      biomedicine*. *Trends in Neurosciences*, Cell Press,
42:251-262, 2019.

2.       Kernbach J, Yeo BTT, Smallwood J, Margulies D, Thiebaut de
Schotten M, Walter H, Sabuncu M, Holmes A, Gramfort A, Varoquaux G, Thirion
B, Bzdok D. *Subspecialization within Default Mode Nodes Characterized in
10,000 UK Biobank Participants.* *Proceedings of the National Academy of
Sciences of the USA*, 115:12295-12300, 2018.

3.    Bzdok D, Nichols TE, Smith SM. *Towards Algorithmic Analytics for
Large-scale Datasets*. *Nature Machine Intelligence*, 1:296-306, 2019.

*Practicals and salary*

We provide *fully funded position* with *national funding, *in particular
through the *Health Brains Healthy Lives *initiative (
https://www.mcgill.ca/hbhl/)*.* Position are available *starting now*.
Applications will be considered until the positions are filled.


If you are interested, please send an email to
danilo(DOT)bzdok(AT)mcgill(DOT)ca with the *subject
“[newpositions2019]”, *including
the following *3 attachments*:

·       Cover letter describing personal qualifications and motivation for
our research areas

·       Curriculum vitae including programming experience

·       Contact details of two people who we will ask to support your

*Danilo Bzdok, MD, PhD*

*Associate Professor*

*Department of Biomedical Engineering*

*Montreal Neurological Institute*

*Faculty of Medicine*

*McGill University*

*Montreal, Canada*

*Faculty Member*

*Mila — Quebec Institute for Artificial Intelligence*

*Montreal, Canada*
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