[Pkg-fglrx-devel] Bug#517005: unresolved symbol

Giacomo Mulas gmulas at oa-cagliari.inaf.it
Wed Feb 25 09:56:08 UTC 2009

I was hit by the same problem. Upon booting in single-user mode, I tried
manually loading the fglrx module, and it failed to load due to an
unresolved symbol, namely flush_tlb_page.  I looked it up in the source
code, and apparently it is found in firegl_public.c, where there is some
preprocessor logic to avoid calling that function in recent kernels, which
do not export it anymore.  I am not familiar enough with kernel programming
to understand exactly what is wrong, but apparently it does not work
as intended, at least not on a 2.6.28 kernel.

I hope this helps, bye
Giacomo Mulas


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