[Pkg-fglrx-devel] Backporting 11-4 to squeeze

Teresa e Junior teresaejunior at gmail.com
Mon Jun 13 14:59:33 UTC 2011

Thu Jun 9 01:53:47, Michael Gilbert <michael.s.gilbert at gmail.com>:

> Teresa e Junior wrote:
>> Hello, I was backporting fglrx 11-4 to squeeze, and had not noticed
>> it Depends on xserver-xorg (>= 1:7.6+1). Well, I could not find any
>> information about why it requires Xorg 7.6, as we have 7.5 on
>> squeeze.
>> Though the packaging went all fine, I was doing the work to help
>> others, and have not such hardware myself (a AMD card) to test it by
>> just removing the dependency on (>= 1:7.6+1). Can I do it safely?
> There isn't any harm in trying this.  The only consequence is that
> it may not work.  It sounds like you're saying that you're unable to
> test what you're working on.  That's kind of weird, but anyway if you
> upload your packaging somewhere (mentors or whatever), I'll take a
> look at it on my squeeze machine.
> Mike

Thank you for your reply, Michael!

I have just uploaded the packages for you to help me testing them:

The dkms package compiles well on 2.6.38, which was my main purpose for
this work.

Thank you and best regards!
Teresa e Junior

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