[Pkg-fglrx-devel] review debconf templates of fglrx-driver [non-free]

Justin B Rye jbr at edlug.org.uk
Wed Jun 13 09:04:36 UTC 2012

Andreas Beckmann wrote:
> So, what about this extension of the above template:
>     You should use the free radeon driver (package: xserver-xorg-video-
>     radeon) for these cards.
>     Note: The fglrx-driver package needs to be purged (removal is
>     not sufficient) and fglrx configuration needs to be removed from
>     xorg.conf (and xorg.conf.d/) before the radeon driver can be used.
>     .
>     You may install fglrx anyway (for example to drive some other card).

I think the warning is a bit muffled when it's expressed like this; it
might flow better as:

      You should use the free Radeon driver (in the package
      xserver-xorg-video-radeon) for these cards. Note that before the Radeon
      driver can be used it will be necessary to purge the fglrx-driver
      package (removal is not sufficient) and remove fglrx configuration from
      xorg.conf (and xorg.conf.d/).
      You may install fglrx anyway (for example to drive some other card).

> Is it clear for the translators that radeon, fglrx, and the package
> names are not to be translated? Should there be any quotes being used?

Well, the driver names aren't literal strings that need to be
preserved without grammatical endings.  In fact I've capitalised
"Radeon" above where it represents the upstream brand name.

The packagename and xorg.conf.d/ are verbatim strings, but the
translators ought to be able to recognise them.
JBR	with qualifications in linguistics, experience as a Debian
	sysadmin, and probably no clue about this particular package

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