[Pkg-fglrx-devel] r917 - fglrx-driver/trunk/debian

Andreas Beckmann anbe-guest at alioth.debian.org
Sat Jun 16 12:36:43 UTC 2012

Author: anbe-guest
Date: 2012-06-16 12:36:42 +0000 (Sat, 16 Jun 2012)
New Revision: 917

updated template from debian-l10n-english@ suggestions

Modified: fglrx-driver/trunk/debian/libfglrx.templates
--- fglrx-driver/trunk/debian/libfglrx.templates	2012-06-10 10:19:36 UTC (rev 916)
+++ fglrx-driver/trunk/debian/libfglrx.templates	2012-06-16 12:36:42 UTC (rev 917)
@@ -9,11 +9,14 @@
 Type: boolean
 Default: false
-_Description: Install the fglrx driver anyway?
- The following GPUs were found in your system but are no longer supported
+_Description: Install fglrx driver despite unsupported graphics card?
+ The following graphics chipsets found in your system are no longer handled
  by the fglrx driver:
- You should use the free radeon driver (package: xserver-xorg-video-radeon)
- for this GPU, but you may install fglrx anyway, even if it won't work.
+ You may wish to keep fglrx (for instance to drive some other card), but the
+ above cards require the free Radeon driver in the package
+ xserver-xorg-video-radeon. Before that driver can be used you must remove
+ fglrx configuration from xorg.conf (and xorg.conf.d/) and purge (not just
+ remove) the fglrx-driver package.

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