[Pkg-fglrx-devel] Amd 14.4 support

Nate Bedrossian nbpersonal at asiadigitalprivacy.net
Sun May 25 13:22:44 UTC 2014

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FGLRX maintainers,

I have an AMD 8000's series (8370). Recently prior versions of fglrx for
Debian Wheezy, and Jessie crashed my GUI's.  After reading on AMD's page
and on the fglrx packaging page of debian.org I reached the conclusion
that this was because the recently released for linux catalyst 14.4
hadn't been integrated in wheezy or jessie yet.

I noted on the page for Sid that the package seems to include 14.4 but
the text of the page reads "AMD Radeon HD 7000, AMD Radeon HD 6000, and
AMD Radeon HD 5000."  Is it correct that this is a simple oversight and
what is being tested in sid includes the HD 8000 series too by nature of
its inclusion of 14.4 Catalyst?  If I'm right, you may want to note on
the page that this package covers HD 8000 series support.

If I'm wrong, either ignore my suggestion or put me in my place!  Either
way, than you for the hard work on Debian, its much appreciated by end
users such as myself.

Thank you.
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