[Pkg-fonts-devel] Merging font teams and share knowledge?

Christian Perrier Christian.Perrier at onera.fr
Fri Sep 15 07:17:43 UTC 2006


During the OpenOffice.org conference, I had a very interersting talk
with Nicolas Spalinger who indeed made me discover the work of the OFL
fonts packaging team.

I learned a lot about OFL (Open Font license) and the work done by SIL
about fonts.

We both agreed that we really should share the knowledge about fints
and fonts packaging. Having two font packaging teams in Debian sounds
a bit weird.

>From my current knowledge, the font team I created a few months ago
has a lot to learn from the OFL fonts packaging team...and the
opposite is also probably right.

What do you think about us working out to merge both teams into one?

For instance, some of the font packages we maintain could be worked to
adopt the OFL license instead of the probably less well suited GPL or
LGPL ones. From what I've understood right now, OFL is really meant
for fonts and can probably make font designers less reluctant to
release their work as free "software".

Please comment by keeping both lists CC'ed (this may trigger some work
for the moderators, but well....).


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