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Daniel Glassey wdg at debian.org
Mon Sep 25 19:56:31 UTC 2006

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From: Denis Jacquerye
Date: 24-Sep-2006 20:35
Subject: DejaVu Fonts IRC meeting, September 28, 18:00 UTC
To: fonts|gnome.org, dejavu-fonts|lists.sourceforge.net

The DejaVu Fonts project would like to hear the view of the community on some
subjects. That's why an IRC meeting is organized next Thursday
September 28, at 18:00 UTC on the #dejavu channel on Freenode.

Topics will include:

1) Future license of DejaVu:
What if Bitstream releases Vera under OFL? Should we follow as OFL
seems to become the standard free font license? Do we keep our
additions in public domain?

2) Future development process of the project:
The project is heading for full Unicode coverage, but how will we
approach that goal? What should be done to make sure DejaVu doesn't
become a mismatch of glyphs? Should development be altered to maintain

3) LGC and other derivatives of DejaVu:
We currently ship the LGC derivative including only Latin, Greek and
Cyrillic glyphs. Should we keep that one? Should we have other
derivatives with glyph subsets? Is creating subsets a good idea? Fedora
ships with DejaVu LGC, why? It has been said a few times that DejaVu
should ship as a set of lots of different fonts for each script; do we
want that; do we want to rely on FontConfig for correct font rendering?

The DejaVu project is growing rapidly and DejaVu Fonts became the
default font in many Linux distributions. We need to hear your
views on the topics above, as they will be crucial in the future of the

Feel free to send the message to other relevant mailing lists.

Ben and Denis

DejaVu IRC meeting
September 28, 2006
18:00 UTC
channel #dejavu on Freenode network

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