[Pkg-fonts-devel] Bug#439083: DejaVu Sans Bold cyrillic m (U+043C) is printed as blank space

Sergey Fedoseev fedoseev.sergey at gmail.com
Wed Aug 22 06:12:56 UTC 2007

Package: ttf-dejavu
Version: 2.15-1
Severity: serious

Steps to reproduce:
     1. Create document containing DejaVu Sans Bold cyrillic m in
     2. Print this document to file.
     3. Open this file in evince.
 result: In places where should be m we're seeing only blank space =( .

In terminal evince says:
ESP Ghostscript 815.03: Failed to interpret TT instructions of the font
DejaVuSans-BoldFID12HGSet2. Continue ignoring instructions of the font.
Sergey Fedoseev <fedoseev.sergey at gmail.com>
JID: sir_sigurd at jabber.ru

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