[Pkg-fonts-devel] Re: [Openfontlibrary] Re: [DejaVu-fonts] forming new maintenance team for MPH 2B Damase?

Jon Phillips jon at rejon.org
Tue Feb 20 20:47:06 CET 2007

On Tue, 2007-02-13 at 11:05 -0500, Daniel Kahn Gillmor wrote:
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> At 2007-02-12 19:04, jon at rejon.org said:
> > Yes, our system allows for public domain and creative commons
> > licenses.  So, the Open Font License is proposed for our site, but
> > are waiting on the finalization of that license and metadata around
> > that. So, we are currently only accepting public domain declared
> > fonts.
> You need to make that much clearer on the OFLB font-submission [0]
> page.  I went to upload a font of my own creation, but there was no
> choice of what license to apply to it.  Only *after* it was published
> did i see that the system was attributing a public domain license --
> and i could not change it to any of the CC licenses: i got a dropdown
> list consisting of one choice: "Public Domain".  I'm not a commercial
> font developer, and i've already released this font elsewhere with
> free licensing.  But i'd rather use one a license that promotes
> freedom directly (GPL or OFL or some CC shareAlike) than just use PD.
> The result was that i deleted my font from the OFLB, which is sad,
> because i'd like to see this project take off.
> > I could elaborate on the problems of using software-licenses for
> > fonts, but will save that for the trip to the mailing list
> > archives...
> indeed.
> 	--dkg

Yes. please file a bug about that lack of asking for license selection
with our bugtracker (you can find on the main page).

GPL is for software. We are aiming at OFLB, and PD is there as default


> [0] i think: http://openfontlibrary.org/?ccm=/media/submit
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