[Pkg-fonts-devel] Bug#422980: ttf-dejavu: fontconfig error: cannot load default config file

Davide Viti zinosat at tiscali.it
Wed Jul 4 23:17:57 UTC 2007

On Wed, Jul 04, 2007 at 10:24:35PM +0200, Davide Viti wrote:
> As suggested on IRC, the problem apparently arises when dealing with 
> a large number of packages; 
> I've reproduced the problem running the following in the etch chroot
>  apt-get install xorg gnome
> note that installing xorg alone or gnome alone does not trigger the problem.

I've managed to create a local apt repository inside the chroot containing
a custom version of ttf-dejavu which depends on fontconfig and the problem
is indeed fixed. 

Setting up libgsf-gnome-1-114 (1.14.3-1) ...

Setting up perl (5.8.8-7) ...

Setting up defoma (0.11.10-0.1) ...

Setting up fontconfig (2.4.2-1.2) ...
Updating font configuration of fontconfig...
Cleaning up category cid..
Cleaning up category truetype..
Cleaning up category type1..
Updating category type1..
Updating category truetype..
Updating category cid..
Cleaning up old fontconfig caches... done.
Regenerating fonts cache... done.


Setting up gnome-power-manager (2.14.3-3+b1) ...

Setting up totem-mozilla (2.16.5-3) ...
Setting up gnome ( ...
Setting up type-handling (0.2.19) ...
Setting up xorg (7.1.0-16) ...
Setting up ttf-dejavu (2.15-1) ...

I'd be happy to try alternative solutions before applying this patch.
FYI I've asked the Fedora maintainer of dejavu about this

23:05 < david-e> ??? : does your dejavu package depend on fontconfig?
23:10 < ??? > david-e: no
23:11 < ??? > Fedora font policy (which I helped to define) makes font independent from any font system23:12 < nim-nim> the package will call fc-cache if it's installed
23:12 < ??? > but won't force its installation
23:12 < nim-nim> see
23:14 < ??? > /etc/fonts/conf.d/ is not owned by fontconfig in fedora
23:15 < ??? > so packages can drop rules there even if fontconfig is not installed

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