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"Arne Götje (高盛華)" arne at linux.org.tw
Tue Jun 5 12:32:27 UTC 2007

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Michael Vogt wrote:
> Both are available in ubuntu universe but we currently do nothing to
> give them a high priority in fontconfig.

I think DejaVu Serif is good enough if it also supports combining
diacritics sufficiently.

> We added a script called fontconfig-voodoo as part of
> language-selector that tries to work around problem (e). If you use
> language-selector and change your default locale, a new configuration
> is added to /etc/fonts/ called language-selector.conf. This will point
> to a configuration in /usr/share/language-selector/fontconfig/ that
> contains locale specific preferences. It is not a ideal solution but
> with the current limitations looked like the best option. The same
> logic is applied after installation, so a fresh e.g. zh_TW install
> will get a configuration that points to
> /usr/share/language-selector/fontconfig/zh_TW. We got the
> configurations from the different communities. 

Sounds nice. :) One step further. :)

> It seems to me like the only way to solve this problem properly is to
> add support into fontconfig for this directly. Having a match rule
> that checks for the global locale used currently or (better) a way so
> that the application can ask for a font for a given locale to support
> the case where you have mixed zh_CN and ja_JP in a single
> document. AFAIK there is no such matcher rule for the configuration
> file currently.

I guess, the auto selection function can only work if the text in
question is pecifically tagged as zh_CN or ja_JP... like in XML or ODF.
And that auto selection can probably use the locale settings for those
tags and choose the font according to it.

> That sounds very good! We would still need something like
> fontconfig-voodoo or better support inside fontconfig as I understand it?

yes, of course.

> If there is general agreement about this, I will be happy to update
> the language-selector fontconfig rules with the above suggestions.

I think we need some feedback from the communities for this.

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