[Pkg-fonts-devel] debfonts, debconf

Nicolas Spalinger nicolas_spalinger at sil.org
Wed Jun 13 20:33:32 UTC 2007

>>> debfonts is a very useful script. I think it would be good, Miriam, if
>>> you could join pkg-fonts, add it to our SVN and put the web page it
>>> generates on the pkg-fonts alioth website.

> I'll try to remake the script in python or any other high level language as
> soon as I can. My only goal with it at the beginning was to find suitable
> fonts to replace those in the game FoF, so it's quite quick and dirty bash
> script right now.

OK, I've made some minor tweaks to Miriam's great script to get more
font metadata to show (via ftinfo -n) and have added it to the svn (it's
currently called debfontreview) along with a few other font-related scripts.

Until your newer script is ready IMHO the bash script you made is
already incredibly useful. I really agree with Christian and Paul that
we need to take time to put in on the webspace of the Alioth project
with a nice little crontab.

>>> BTW, I hope to see everyone at debcamp & debconf, perhaps we could have
>>> a lightning talk about debfonts if you are coming Miriam and continue
>>> Sam's work on the non-free and duplicate fonts during debcamp & debconf.
> I'm not sure I can attend DebCamp. I will be at DebConf for sure, anyway :)

Regular font review across the entire archive can be a good subject for
discussion during the Font BoF on Sunday afternoon:

See you soon,

Nicolas Spalinger

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