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(new) ttf-sil-padauk_2.1-2.diff.gz optional x11
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smart Unicode font for Myanmar
 Padauk Unicode is a Myanmar font covering all currently used characters in
 the Myanmar block as specified in PDAM3.
 The font is a smart font using a Graphite description.
 The GDL source code for the description and the corresponding documentation
 is available on the website or in the source package (simply type "apt-get
 source" to download it).
 The features of the font are complete coverage of Myanmar script (excluding
 unused characters U+1050..U+1059), hinting down to 8pt @ 96dpi and Graphite
 smarts including line breaking rules.
 The way Myanmar text is stored in Unicode is liable to change. This font
 reflects those changes and is released in anticipation of such a change. It
 should be noted that this encoding is not compatible with the current
 Unicode encoding. So a careful choice must be made whether to use the
 current encoding or the anticipated encoding as supported here.
 Two fonts from this typeface family are included in this release:
    * Padauk
    * Padauk Bold
 Author: Debbi and Martin Hosken, Keith Stribley
 Homepage: http://scripts.sil.org/Padauk
(new) ttf-sil-padauk_2.1.orig.tar.gz optional x11
Changes: ttf-sil-padauk (2.1-2) unstable; urgency=low
  [ Nicolas Spalinger ]
  * Updated the Recommends for the current Graphite version
  * Fixed some descriptions
  * Cleaned up rules
  * Now co-maintained by the Debian Fonts Task Force (pkg-fonts Alioth project)
  * Added Daniel Glassey and Martin Hosken as Uploaders
  [ Daniel Glassey ]
  * Ready for upload. Closes: #351026

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