[Pkg-fonts-devel] [Pkg-fonts-bugs] ttf-gentium: please move the package to the pkg-fonts team or orphan

Nicolas Spalinger nicolas_spalinger at sil.org
Thu Jun 21 13:58:06 UTC 2007

>> I spoke to tarzeau on IRC, I'll be sponsoring his changes today, I
>> suggest we don't take over the package, but provide continued
>> sponsorship to him. I asked him if he would like to join the team, but
>> he is reluctant to learn svn for now.
> OK, thanks for proxying, Paul. I suggest you mention him that being
> unresponsive to mails does not help knowing whether someone wants to
> continue the work on packaging or not.
> Please try to be covincing to have him use SVN. This is really not
> that a pain as most of all know and the maintenance of fonts would
> really benefit from the induced team work.

Glad to hear that Gürkan is now willing to do what has been asked for a
long time.

But could you *please* wait for others in the team to review his
packaging fixes before sponsoring? I suggest a branch in svn.

BTW, I talked to Christoph Berg, his NM mentor and his sponsor for
earlier packages. He told me he had had too many problems with him:
sloppy packaging and unwillingness to test and correct mistakes.
Gürkan is now apparently restarting the NM process again under Daniel
Baumann's supervision.

So will he react to the bugs?
Has he looked at the current packaging in svn?
What reasons does he have for not joining the team?

I certainly agree with Christian that he needs to learn svn and it is
not that hard. We can't force people to cooperate and join the team but
it's going to be a huge pain if every maintainer reacts like that!
Either we work in a team or we don't.

Do you realize I'd tried to get this situation resolved for a few years
 now? How much longer now?

Remember how Sam in his DPL talk mentioned that the territorial approach
with packages is not good for the project. If you can't maintain
(whatever the reasons) then leave others - especially those who are
close to upstream in this case - to do it. Maybe he should reduce the
number of packages he maintains. I'm willing to help Gürkan to get the
packaging in shape but he just ignores me.

I also need to say - as I've told Christian - that when I talked to
Raphaël Herzog in Paris about QA recommendations for this package, he
said that the unresponsive maintainer should really look for help and
joining a co-maintainership team is a ideal way for that, hanging on to
a package like that and being unresponsive is *NOT* the way a maintainer
is expected to work. All the more when he is going through the NM
process. He also said a member of the team should simply do an NMU. And
then there was the QA ownership transfer process. Raphaël suggested the
bug reports about this to be public.

Hope this gets resolved peacefully very soon for the good of the project.

Anyway, I was great to meet some of you at Debconf and learn from your
experience. Loved the Cheese&Wine BoF :)
I wish you a great time for the rest of the conference.

Looking forward to more font-related activity in our team for lenny.

Nicolas Spalinger

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