[Pkg-fonts-devel] ttf-gentium review

Gürkan Sengün gurkan at linuks.mine.nu
Sat Jun 23 07:05:53 UTC 2007

On 2007-06-21 16:36:33 +0200 Nicolas Spalinger <nicolas_spalinger at sil.org> wrote:

>>        * Switching package names requires that you add dummy packages for
>>          people upgrading from stable/oldstable to a new stable or
>>          testing/sid. I suggest not changing the package name unless it
>>          is necessary.
> It is for consistency with the convention most of the existing packages
> have: ttf-$foundry-$nameoffont

i agree, and we do this rename. the transition package is created now.

>>        * I don't think fontforge, fontforge-doc, fonttools need to be in
>>          the suggests line.
> Why?

because it's just Related: which we don't have in debian/control yet.
But there's enricos debtags ept-cache stuff...

> It is an open font, and the visibility of fontforge as the tool to
> inspect/branch/extend fonts is good. Having the documentation and the
> freetype font tools is also useful for a designer willing to do things
> with this font.
> This is something we want to encourage.

put a story on slashdot. where do i get this fontlab editor btw?

> I'm also working on the font metapackage but good suggests (and tags as
> well via debtags) is desirable for the open fonts we are packaging.
>>        * The OFL file doesn't need to be installed
> Why?
> The OFL header holds the copyright notice and you should certainly not
> remove it. It is also referenced in various descriptions entries.
> Various other open fonts released under OFL (including the more recent
> ttf-dzongkha) also include it in /usr/share/doc/$name


>>        * If they work the reportbug scripts suggested by Nicolas are
>>          useful please add them.
> yes, please.


>>        * Gentium-RU-Specimen.pdf is non-free and-or needs licence
>>          clarification, the main thing is that it says "All other
>>          portions of this booklet are ©2002 J. Victor Gaultney. All
>>          rights reserved."  I'm also concerned about "Texts from Le
>>          Nouveau Testament en Lyélé du Burkina Faso, ©2001 by Wycliffe
>>          Bible Translators, used by permission; Holy Bible: New
>>          International Version, ©1978 by the New York International Bible
>>          Society, used by permission; B.F. Westcott and F.J.A. Hort,
>>          eds., The Greek New Testament (1881)." Also the Universal
>>          Declaration of Human Rights also doesn't have any
>>          copyright/licence information (at least the English version) :)
> Yes I agree, these pdfs have currently no distributed source. (There was
> a -legal discussion a while ago about problems with such pdfs). But the
> example text is used by permission.
> If you look at the packaging in svn you can see that the pdf are not
> installed in the package.


>>          There is also no source code for Gentium-RU-Specimen.pdf and the
>>          other PDFs. Nicolas, please check with SIL what the
>>          copyright/licence/source code status of the PDFs are. There is
>>          the possibility of just preparing a dfsg-compliant version of
>>          the orig.tar.gz and adding a script used to generate it to the
>>          diff.gz, but I'd rather SIL fix this properly.
> Yes, I'm willing to ask for a new upstream tarball to be published.
> Seing that work is finally picking up :)

thanks, that's very good.

> These specimens describing the work done on the fonts will be available
> from the upstream website anyway.
> The idea of having simple specimen pdfs for fonts is a good thing
> though, so people can see how the various glyphs in the font look like
> and can print them out especially for complex scripts. But maybe we can
> simply generate pngs.
> so, please join the team and reflect that in your debian/control:
> Maintainers: Debian Fonts Task Force
> <pkg-fonts-devel at lists.alioth.debian.org>

the team is in, please feel free to subscribe pkg-fonts-devel@ into
the PTS of ttf-sil-gentium

btw, here it is, waiting to get sponsored:
http://gnu.ethz.ch/debian/ttf-gentium/ (will be renamed to ttf-sil-gentium too,
once it's through new queue)


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