[Pkg-fonts-devel] debfonts, debconf

Paul Wise pabs at debian.org
Wed May 16 08:40:08 UTC 2007

Hi all,

debfonts is a very useful script. I think it would be good, Miriam, if
you could join pkg-fonts, add it to our SVN and put the web page it
generates on the pkg-fonts alioth website.

Some enhancements it could use:

      * generating images for stable, testing, sid, experimental (and
        perhaps contrib/non-free with image generation on a whitelist
      * support for rendering more fonts, *.otf for example could
        probably be added immediately 
      * detecting compressed fonts, for example Helvetica.ttf.gz in
      * support for checking source packages - not sure if there is an
        unpacked copy of all the source packages in Debian available, if
        so this could be done 
      * better detection of the characters available, for eg:


      * Making copyright information more visible. This is particularly
        important for fonts because maintainers fairly often miss
        non-free fonts in their packages.

Some things it is useful for:

      * Weeding out all those zillions of copies of vera, dejavu,
        freesans and yudit fonts we have in debian 
      * Weeding out non-free fonts and auditing copyright information 
      * Asking maintainers to put interesting fonts in separate packages
        - games for example can have some nice decorative fonts 
      * Finding suitable fonts at a glance or creating meta-packages at
        a glance - ttf-decorative would be nice to have for instance

I note our beloved DPL has done some work on these for source packages:


BTW, I hope to see everyone at debcamp & debconf, perhaps we could have
a lightning talk about debfonts if you are coming Miriam and continue
Sam's work on the non-free and duplicate fonts during debcamp & debconf.


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