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Nicolas Spalinger nicolas_spalinger at sil.org
Thu May 17 16:28:22 UTC 2007

Christian Perrier wrote:
>> New Revision: 332
>> Removed:
>>    packages/ttf-sil-andika/
>> Log:
>> Package is renamed to desrev to reflect design review stage and to sync with other tarballs. Already very useful like that even if WIP.
> You should have maybe done "svn mv" so that the history is preserved.

Hi Christian,

Yes, this is what I intended to do but for some reason my local
repository was locked halfway though the svn mv. It allowed me to remove
the older folder but wouldn't add the new one. No svn cleanup or revert
would unblock the situation...

Sorry for the trouble, not sure was happened, I use and maintain svn
services and had never seen this in a mv before. :(

Anyway, I'm continuing the work on font packaging.
Still got to pick up some discussion threads but as you've probably
noticed my free time for this is way too limited.

Btw, there was good discussion on open fonts at the last LGM in
Montréal. With Dave Crossland from OFLB and fontly.com we gave a
presentation on font freedom. We also organized a font BoF there with
the people from projects like fontconfig, fontforge, Scribus, OFLB, W3C.

The slideware is available here:

A few links about the conference here:

I'm preparing a detailed report on this for the team.

See you at the debconf,

Nicolas Spalinger

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