[Pkg-fonts-devel] Bug#426125: Bug#426125: ttf-dejavu: Can't select condensed font

Alejandro Exojo suy at badopi.org
Mon May 28 11:51:31 UTC 2007

El Domingo, 27 de Mayo de 2007, Ming Hua escribió:
> Have you tried any GTK apps?  On my unstable system, I see the same
> thing in OpenOffice, but in GTK apps (tested in gedit and leafpad) I can
> choose the condensed font.  In the GTK font selection window, there is
> no "DejaVu Sans Condensed" family, only "DejaVu Sans" family, but in
> this family you can choose styles from "Book", "Condensed", "Bold",
> "Condensed Bold", etc.  Choosing "Condensed" style gives the correct
> font.
> I don't use KDE so can't test the Qt/KDE part.

Well, I installed gedit, and as you said, I can select DejaVu Sans family and 
the Condensed style.

> Looking at the result of "fc-list 'DejaVu Sans Condensed'", I have
> DejaVu Sans,DejaVu Sans Condensed:style=Condensed Oblique,Oblique
> DejaVu Sans,DejaVu Sans Condensed:style=Condensed Bold Oblique,Bold Oblique
> DejaVu Sans,DejaVu Sans Condensed:style=Condensed,Book
> DejaVu Sans,DejaVu Sans Condensed:style=Condensed Bold,Bold

The fc-list you posted, gives me the same results. 

> Note that each font has two names, "DajaVu Sans" and "DejaVu Sans
> Condensed".  Maybe KDE and OO.o got confused and only used the first
> name?

I have no idea how fontconfig works, but that makes sense. Invoking fc-list 
with no parameters, in my system gives a list where DejaVu are the only ones 
with two names.

So, what should I do? Should I report a problem (o reassign this bug) to 
KDE/OOo or to fontconfig?

Thanks again.

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