[Pkg-fonts-devel] STIX Fonts Beta Test Version Ready for Download

MJ Ray mjr at phonecoop.coop
Thu Nov 1 12:14:52 UTC 2007

Paul Wise <pabs at debian.org> wrote:
>    4. You may also (a) add glyphs or characters to the Fonts, or
> modify the shape of existing glyphs, so long as the base set of glyphs
> is not removed and (b) delete glyphs or characters from the Fonts,
> provided that the resulting font set is distributed with the following
> disclaimer: "This [name] font does not include all the Unicode points
> covered in the STIX Fonts-TM set but may include others." In each
> case, the name used to denote the resulting font set shall not include
> the term "STIX" or any similar term.

I'm confused by this, but maybe I just don't understand how the font
works: is it possible to modify a character and have software use it,
even if the original is still in there?  Don't things get confused by
two glyphs for the same character being in there?

At best, it seems to mean that derived works have to carry around
deadwood.  At worst, this makes it impossible to use modifications.

I also share the opinion of others that the naming restriction is too
broad and should have no place in a copyright licence.  That sort of name
protection should be in a trademark licence.  A better form of trademark
note in the copyright licence would be something like "no permission is
granted to use the STIX trademark to denote the resulting font set".

Summary: Clause 4 seems to need fixing to meet DFSGs 3 and 4.

Hope that helps,
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