[Pkg-fonts-devel] ITP: ttf-linex -- Free fonts for education and institutions

Nicolas Spalinger nicolas_spalinger at sil.org
Sun Apr 20 20:12:04 UTC 2008


> Also if the group wants to package these fonts, I'll even be glader to
> give you the ITP. My main purpose is include these fonts in Debian as
> they are free, have being in linex for more than 4 years and some of
> them are really useful in educative environments. I'm not specially
> interested in fonts, but in education and linex, so if the group want to
> package them, it would be perfect. Anyway, I've already request joining
> to the group, there we can talk about it.
> Cheers.
> José L.

Dear José,

Thanks for working on getting these fonts in Debian upstream.

These are the font families I've seen in your svn repository:
- Alfa-beta
- Api Phonétique
- Babel Unicode
- Elegante
- Ellenikh
- Emerita Latina
- Garabatos
- Jara
- Ipa Phonetics
- Quercus

and in .pfb format
- Capital Rustica Latina
- Carolina Latina
- Uncial Latina

A few comments/suggestions about this rich collection of fonts from my

Splitting in ttf-$foundry-$fontfamilyname and having ttf-gnulinex be a
metapackage pulling in the collection is probably a better approach.
I'd also advocate splitting the fonts by type, IOW putting the Type1
versions in separate packages.

Also the Liberation fonts shouldn't be in the same package. There are
still problems with the license and its DFSG compliance.

I'd recommend considering using the OFL (or if your prefer the GPL3 with
the font exception) to deal with, among other things, embedding issues.

When the upstream designer donated the fonts did he include more font
sources beside the .ttf and .pfb?  If so, then it would be useful to
have them in the source tarball.


Nicolas Spalinger

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