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Fri Feb 29 13:31:58 UTC 2008

currently have the needed &quot;resources&quot;. Others, please prove me<br>
</blockquote><div><br>Its lots of really bad perl (that I didn&#39;t write).&nbsp; If someone had loads of time, it could be rewritten into quite nice OO perl or something, but that was the bit I just never had the time for.<br>
</div></div><br>The reason I kept it alive is because we still don&#39;t have anything better for the non-fontconfig users&nbsp; :(<br><br><br>I&#39;ve got a mostly working defoma-tex font auto-installer around here somewhere too.&nbsp; I think it needs to be taught about the last few years of debian TeX repackaging though.<br>
<br>-- <br> - Gus


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