[Pkg-fonts-devel] Please remove CIDfonts function from x-ttcidfont-conf

Hideki Yamane henrich at debian.or.jp
Fri Mar 7 14:14:52 UTC 2008

Package: x-ttcidfont-conf
Version: 27

 I met a bug when configure x-ttcidfont-conf package, too. see below.

Unpacking replacement x-ttcidfont-conf ...
Setting up x-ttcidfont-conf (27) ...
Updating font configuration of x-ttcidfont-conf...
Cleaning up category cmap..
Cleaning up category cid..
Cleaning up category truetype..
Updating category truetype..
Updating category cid..
Updating category cmap..
Can't exec "/usr/bin/mkcfm": No such file or directory at /var/lib/defoma/scripts/x-ttcidfont-conf.defoma line 791.

 Since mkcfm is removed from X packages because of its license, CID related
 function in x-ttcidfont-conf does NOT work now.
 And upstream X.org says "CIDfonts are obsolete, so mkcfm is deprecated."

 Yes, CIDfonts (and NEWCIDfonts) will be replaced to OpenType format fonts
 (if there is OpenType font package in Debian, its name would be otf-<fontname>,
  like otf-thai-tlwg package).
  - mkcfm is non-free
  - X.org think CIDfonts are obsolete

 So we should remove CIDfont related code from this utility (and maybe 
 change its package name(x-tt"cid"font-conf). 

 If we want to use CIDfont, they upstream says that we convert it to 
 OpenType or something (however, I don't know how to do it).


 Hideki Yamane
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