[Pkg-fonts-devel] New release: GNU FreeFont

Steve White stevan.white at googlemail.com
Sat Mar 29 14:51:30 UTC 2008

Denis and Christian,

It is of course uncler to me which version of FontForge we are talking
about.  (I had surmised that it was the same as in my Ubuntu gutsy
distro.  It is indeed very cranky and old.)

As I have previously indicated, I didn't even know which Debian
release we were taling about.  This is your purvue, not mine.

But OK, from what Christian has said, we are discussing
                       Debian unstable
and                  Very recent releases of FontForge.

As I have said, I have been using a build from 20080215.  Now we are
informed you were using a version dated just 12 days earlier.

So...  Now that I have a CVS date for the FontForge you're using, I
don't understand.  Why did the build fail?
Could one of us have a buggy version?

I will investigate.

Or... OK wait... You say the FontForge in Debian unstable is dated
20080203 but..
PLEASE CONFIRM:  ** is this the version which failed to open the
FreeFont sfd files??? or was it some other copy? **

(Of course...I still don't understand why you insist on building this
in the first place, when I provide platfom-independent font files.
But that's another investigation.)

On Fri, Mar 28, 2008 at 10:52 PM, Christian Perrier <bubulle at debian.org> wrote:
> Quoting Denis Jacquerye (moyogo at gmail.com):
>  > It would help to know which version of Debian is in question.
>  We were talking about the recent upload in ttf-freefont. So, we're
>  obviously talking about Debian unstable.
Some key information has been missing.  I was just told to mail to
this list, so I did.

Beware the obvious.


And calm down.  I'm madder than you are, I assure you.  Let's just
figure it out, and get the job done.

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