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The Swiss Whistleblower

Rudolf Elmer


Former Chief Operating Officer JULIUS BAER BANK 

Dear Reader, 


In response to an ongoing investigation by the OECD of Switzerland, Austria, Cayman Islands and others in London we bring you today the first section "The Crocodile Islands in the Caribbean" of the book 


"A Paradise for Some is Paradise for None"

http://www.lulu.com/content/e-book/a-paradise-for-some-is-paradise-for-none/6607819has been published on Lulu.


75 Years of Swiss Bank Secrecy 

Based on actual stories, it tells you about Ron Edelweiss, a former Swiss banker spent nine years in the Caribbean tax, legal and regulatory haven of the Crocodile Islands, and the challenges he and his family face there, and then in Switzerland as a consequence of his determination to resist the corrupt system.  



The first two sections of the book give you a rare, incredible insight into the world of opaque business practices, including tax evasion and other crimes, hedge funds, and how they work (or not), as well  as the luxuriouslifestyle of bankers, lawyers and accountants on these Caribbean Islands  



Two extracts from the book:


1. "Money! Tell me what you find, sticking to your skin. Is it ink, is it starch paper, is it linen? No, it is sweat, it is blood. Money represents the sweat and blood of people: their hard work, their sacrifices waking up early, returning home late, missing their child's school play, fighting their spouses, getting divorced, having accidentsat work, experiencing depression, a sense of the repetitive pointlessness of life, suicide, early death. In your hand you hold human life. Those who cheat others out of money are stealing sweat and blood, are squeezinglife out of people. Do we call them succubus, incubus, or vampires? All the while they wear a tie and starchedwhite shirts, perfectly creased trousers, dark blue suits, and seamless skirts. And these people smell freshfrom the box. And they look identical. Light is darkness and darkness is light  - it becomes impossible to tell one from the other.

 Since the time of Lady Macbeth, it has become so much easier to perfume blood-stained little hand!"



2. "It got even worse. A few weeks before the Javier Sucre investigations started, Dino Johnson JR, representative of the Bank Ursalino & Co in Mexico City, and his family left Mexico in a suspicious hurry, within more or less 48 hours. They left for Zurich to proverbially kill two birds with one stone: to remaincloser to the Ursalino family whilst putting an ocean between them and the Mexican investigators and prosecutors. Now more than ever, Ron knew there was more than one connection between the Johnsons and the Ursalinos, and if Ron talked it could mean a threat to his life. The "Mexican Syndicate" within Marcus Ursalino & Co. truly existed. And the people involved would go to any length to protect their status and their reputation in society."


Want to find out more about the Crocodile Islands and Switzerland?


Download the entire first section now from




This is the part to a book that covers Ron Edelweiss's life and work in places such as Switzerland, the Caribbean, the Channel Islands, USA and  the Indian Ocean, which is scheduled to be published in the next few months.


You are most welcome to pass this email on to your colleagues, friends, relatives etc. 


The book's aim is to inform everyone, in the interests of a truly informed democracy, of whatis being one to the world's resources and to tax money owed to you through your country. 


Often we are victims and do not even know it!http://www.swisswhistleblower.com


 International Press coverage Guardian UK :1. http://www.guardian.co.uk/business/2009/feb/13/tax-gap-cayman-islands2. http://www.guardian.co.uk/business/2009/feb/13/tax-gap-carlyle-groupSome actual stories:http://www.wikileaks.org/wiki/Category:Switzerland


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