[Pkg-fonts-devel] RFC: t1-urw-garamondno8 fonts for TeX and X

Danai SAE-HAN (韓達耐) danai.sae-han at edpnet.be
Thu Aug 20 23:23:23 UTC 2009

Hi Rogério

2009/8/20 Rogério Brito <rbrito at ime.usp.br>:
> On Aug 19 2009, Danai SAE-HAN (韓達耐) wrote:
>>   - You might want to remove the watch file if it doesn't serve a purpose. =)
> I left it there just in case I was ignorant of any way of checking for
> updates in CTAN, but, as you apparently didn't comment on that, I'm
> assuming that there's no obvious way.

The watch file only checks for version numbers in the filename, not
for checksums of the actual file.
If the project has a versioning control system like GIT, Mercurial,
SVN or GIT, then you could use that instead to keep your package
up-to-date (at least for people who use the Debian source package).

> Should I raise the dependency to, say, tex-common (>= 0.20) or keep the
> version 0.16?

There have been a few bugs in the implementation of trigger support.
Because trigger support is very new, I would try to always use the
latest version available in Debian/unstable, which is currently 0.20.

> Does this part of your comment mean that it can't enter even non-free? I
> wouldn't want to use a non-official repository even if it is mine
> (unless I misunderstood the purpose of apt-get.org).

Of course the package can enter non-free.  Sorry if that caused some confusion.

>>   - You might want to increase the debhelper compatibility.
> Isn't debhelper v5 enough? Please, advise.

True, DH5 is enough ATM.

Best regards


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